For a smile as daring as you!

Daring White whitening strips uses proprietary advanced technology, giving you a visibly white smile in 5–10 days!

With comfort-fit technology, the strips stick and mold precisely to the teeth without messy gels or trays. They are practically invisible on the teeth!

What does a whiter smile mean for you?

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Look younger

  • Boost career opportunities

  • Smile more and get more smiles in return

  • Convenient, take-home professional teeth whitening perfectly suited to your vibrant lifestyle

  • Powerful strength whitening only available from your dentist

  • Minimal sensitiviy formulation erases years of staining without leaving you sensitive to hot or cold.

  • Whitening results that last until your next checkup

How it works

  1. Your dentist will apply the first strip in the office.

  2. The remaining pack of strips is yours to take home.

  3. With comfort-fit technology, you can wear them out and about on the town, talking with friends, and even drinking water. No one will even notice.

  4. Have whiter teeth in 5–10 days!

Let’s Get Technical:

Daring White whitens teeth both on and below the enamel surface. Since enamel is porous, staining agents work their way down into the teeth, where you can’t simply brush them away.

Daring White whitening strips contain whitening agents (carbamide peroxide) that open the pores in the teeth and penetrate the enamel to get to the staining molecules. Oxygen molecules from the whitening agents breakdown the staining molecules and lighten the discolored teeth. As a result, you have a whiter smile!

Before & After

Start with a 10-treatment pack of Daring White to shed years of staining. Follow up with a 5-treatment Touch-Up pack at your next checkup to prevent new stains.

Ask your dentist for more information.

⃰Before & After

Download brochures

  • To view the complete application instructions, download pdf here.

  • To view our patient brochure, download pdf here.


Ask your dentist for more information

Ask your dentist for more information.

Start your daring white smile today!